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About Us

Learn about our family and farming practices.

Katie grew up in Wheatland, New York, the sixth generation of her family to be born and raised there. Many generations farmed the land there before her at the Hallock and Hatton farms until her great grandfather passed away when her father was a young man. With no one to run the farm, it was sold.


Katie’s father, Wayne Morrison, who owned a commercial roofing company, purchased thirty two acres just outside the village of Scottsville with an old farm house and barn. Over the years he added on to the house and built a large pond. It was a great place to raise a family and offered an opportunity for his children to share some of his child experiences growing up on his grandparents farm.


Katie and her siblings raised a menagerie of animals including pigs, a Holstein heifer she named Betty, and many orphaned wildlife.


In 2015 Katie moved back to her childhood home to live with her father and that’s when she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for farming. It began with a few lambs, Giant Chinchilla rabbits she raised for meat, and a flock of fifty laying hens. She also raised geese, ducks, a pet potbelly pig, Mr. Porkers, and Kunekune pigs.


Katie wanted to raise a few pigs for meat as well and went in search for some on Craigslist where she found an ad for piglets in Dansville.

On January 10, 2016 she drove to Dansville excited about her new venture. That’s where she met Bryan Acomb, a third generation farmer. She bought six piglets and they loaded them into the back of her Pontiac Vibe. She bought more pigs and Bryan began delivering feed to her as well.


It wasn’t long before they fell in love. They now work closely together farming and raising their two children Hotchner and Harper on Bryan’s family farm which his grandparents bought in 1954.


Bryan works alongside his father Bill and uncles Bob and Rod where they raise beef cattle, pigs and produce corn and hay.


Bryan’s passion for working with livestock is demonstrated in his quality breeding stock of pigs and his herd of Angus beef cattle. He is a board member for the New York Angus Association and an active member of the New York Beef Producers.


Bryan began raising pigs after attending college which led him to begin his farrow to finish operation. They currently offer pork from various breeds including Old Line Duroc, Landrace, and Yorkshire. Purebred and crossed Mangalitsa pigs, a Hungarian heritage breed once near extinction were added to the breeding program in 2020.


Katie and Bryan are entering their fourth year of raising pastured poultry including Cornish Rock and Freedom Ranger chickens, Pekin ducks and Broad Breasted White Turkeys.


Katie and Bryan take great pride in offering a quality product raised humanely using sustainable and regenerative farming practices. They utilize an animal welfare approved USDA processor for their pork and beef. Poultry is processed in a USDA inspected facility as well which allows The Farmette to offer high quality poultry products including sausage varieties not offered by other local poultry producers.


Katie and Bryan are happy to share their passion for farming with you including their feeding program, rotational grazing, and more. Feel free to contact them with any questions!

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