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Jacob and Laura Vogt moved from Rush to Sparta in September 2018 when they purchased Laura’s grandparents’ farm house. Her grandfather John Hammond was a dairy farmer, and for years Laura continued to dream of buying the farm back, bringing life back to it and making it thrive again. With their hard work, passion and dedication they now have 5 acres on which they are growing a variety of vegetables and wild berries, a beautiful 2 acre sunflower field as well as a variety of other flowers. 

Laura's baked goods and "Fresh Baked Fridays" have been incredibly popular. She also began making a variety homemade soaps with locally sourced raw cows milk and we are thrilled to be able to include her soaps in our deliveries. Jacob, Laura and the girls also chickens for fresh eggs. Their charming farm is aptly named Valley View Farmstead. They have have 2 beautiful little girls, Paisley and Madeleine who love to help with all of it. Their dream is to be able to farm full time.

You can also visit their farm stand at their farm at 8071 Groveland Station Road to pick up fresh eggs, soaps, and more! 

Valley View Farmstead

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